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About Sandy Swim

At Sandy Swim we are all about carefree lives and sunshine vibes no matter where the tide may take us. With her toes in the sand and the ocean in her horizon, a Sandy Swim loving girl knows how to dive into life regardless of the season. This is why our girl boss team believes in pursuing your dreams, avoiding pier pressure, and letting your true self-glow well after that summer tan has faded.

Every season, the girls at Sandy Swim do their best to curate a new collection that will help you seas the moment 365 days of the year. With your budget and style in mind, our team always strive to make sure that there is a one piece, or two-piece bikini perfect for you and your best beaches.

However, Sandy Swim is more than a stylish and economical way to enjoy the waves. Like the beach, we are also a state of mind and do our best to not only capture our philosophy with our swimwear selection but also throughout our online presence and social media handles including Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and the gram. There is more to life than what meets the eye, which is why we source Sandy Swim Ambassadors from around the globe no matter how many followers they may have. This is because we believe life isn’t a popularity contest; it’s about genuinely going in the direction of your dreams regardless of how testing the waters might be.

With a Sandy Swim swimsuit in one hand and a true love of life in the other, there are no limits to what a girl can achieve in or out of a bikini as long as they are willing to sea clearly with both their hearts and their minds.

Although life can be pretty fintastic, it isn’t always a walk on the beach. This is why at Sandy Swim we do our best to always give back to our community and the very people who are the reason we are here – YOU! We encourage you to sign up to our newsletter and follow us on social media to stay up to date with various chances to score free bikinis, amazing deductions on our already low prices, and our Sandy Swim top tips and sunny insights freshly available on The Scoop.

Water you waiting for?

Grab your BBF (Best Beach Friends), seas the day, and live life the Sandy Swim way.

Love you to the beach and back again,

The Sandy Swim Team xx

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