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How to Pick the Right Swimsuit Color

How to Pick the Right Swimsuit Color
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If you are the kinda girl who loves the beach, summer, palm trees, and tropical vacations then chances are you love a swimsuit with color too. While, you know how to work a chic black and white look you also know that a show of color can make or break a girl who just wants to have sun.

At Sandy Swim we know that when picking your favorite beach babe look this holiday season it’s not just about our super low Black Friday prices but, also about picking the right color swimsuit that compliments your skin tone.

Thankfully, for all you beach loving babes we have created a guide to some of our favorite one and two piece colored styles to have you feeling fintastic inside and out.

Don’t get us wrong – you can wear whatever color you want and when you want! But, for those of you who need some guidance to radiate like never before we have designed the perfect swimsuit palette for you.

Keep reading to seas the day and learn how to choose the best Sandy Swim colors to suit your unique glow.

What Skin Tone Are You

The fashion conscience Sandy Swim girl most likely already knows her skin tone.  However, if you need a reminder or are yet to discover your tone it’s important to note that most of us generally fall into two categories of skin tone – warm and cool.

If you have warm skin tone your skin might be light, medium or dark with a golden undertone. Also, chances are your hair has hints of red or gold, and your eyes are dark brown, green, or hazel. Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba are perfect examples of celebrities with warm skin tones.

If you have cool skin tone your skin color may be pale to dark with pink undertones. When you tan you may tend to go slightly red and may even burn easily. Your hair can be light to dark with ash, silver, and blue undertones with blue, green, black, and light brown colored eyes. Examples of celebrities with cool skin tones include Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried.

If you are lucky enough to have a neutral skin tone then most colors will suit your skin tone flawlessly – you go girl!

How to Determine Your Skin Tone

  •   Remove all makeup;
  •   Grab a white towel or piece of paper;
  •   Find some natural summer loving light;
  •   Hold the white towel or paper underneath your chin in front of a mirror.

If your skin looks like it has a yellow undertone then your tone is warm. If your skin has a blue tinge then your tone is cool.

Now that we know what your skin tone is lets start shopping our hottest swimsuit colors to compliment your glow before the Sandy Swim Black Friday sale sees your favorite swimwear leave the shore.

Best Swimsuit Colors for Warm Skin Tones

While we would never want you to give into pier pressure, the following Sandy Swim styles  will keep you looking sun-kissed all year long.

If you love bikinis you will love the Sandy Swim Floral Swimsuit in yellow. With its striking yellow color you will glow like the sunshine itself. Wearing this one of a kind Sandy Swim bikini it will look like you stepped straight off the shores of Miami in the midst of a New York winter. Priced at $14.99 during the Sandy Swim Black Friday sale for the month of November this to die for swimsuit just about summers it up.

For the Sandy Swim full piece loving golden girls on a scale of one to tan you will be well and truly sun-kissed in the Sandy Swim Erin Swimsuit in Wine. Ideal for the down to earth soul sister this full piece swimsuit is perfect for the girl who refuses to be tide down and wants to radiate warmth every day of the year. Now only $16.99 while stocks last for the month of November your social media will be cooler than ice cream when you get posting wearing this one of a kind full piece swimsuit.

Best Swimsuit Colors for Cool Skin Tones

When life gives you lemons why not head to the beach and glow all year long in the below Sandy Swim styles?

A rose by any other name would never look as good on you as the Sandy Swim Rose Swimsuit in Orange. With its rose orange tone this sultry bikini will not only highlight your natural glow it will also bring out the seasonal sparkle in your eyes. Like this style? Don’t just stop at the orange! Mix and match it in the soft green and white to really show off your sun-streaked hair. With prices slashed to less than a spray tan from a drug store you can hang by the shore with your best beaches all year long wearing your favourite Sandy Swim bikini.


With its unique pattern and great mix of colors the Sandy Swim Kirsten Swimsuit will add to your fun in the sun. No matter what shade of cool you are, this full piece swimsuit will leave you feeling salty but sweet all year long. Available in small, medium, large, extra large, and extra extra large you better strike while the Black Friday sale is hot and pick up this Sandy Swim full piece for $16.99 for the month of November while stocks last.

Water you mean the winter is coming? Check out the entire Sandy Swim collection on sale now for the month of November. Complete your holiday wardrobe today with our Black Friday sale before someone else beaches you to it.

Love you to the beach and back again,

The Sandy Swim Team

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