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It’s time to flip off those heels and crack open the coconuts because the Sandy Swim Black Friday Sale is officially here THIS WEEK!

While Sandy Swim prides it’s beach loving shores on always maintaining our low prices, with the Black Friday Sale you can not only purchase your favorite full piece swimsuit for $16.99 and your most loved bikini for $14.99 you can also score some pretty awesome freebies - Shell yeah!

Want to be as happy as a clam this holiday season? Keep reading to know more about the amazing black Friday deals available to our sun-loving Sandy Swim girls starting this Thursday 5am till Sunday 6pm PST.


Just in case you thought you needed to adjust your glasses in the event that you misread the words “free” – rest assured your glasses are still in working order! Sandy Swim is in fact giving away a pair of free sunglasses for everyone who spends $30 or more on any Sandy Swim Swimsuit. And not only will you score a pair of the super stylish Lexie Sun Glasses you will also get to pick the color that will make your eternal glow pop all year round.  Available in 17 different colors, there is a Lexie shade of sunglasses for everyone. 

For less than a night out at the movies you can complete your Sandy Swim beach look with your favorite swimsuit and summer shades. With a look like this you will run the beach!


Yeah. It’s true. We really are giving away A FREE SWIMSUIT. This is how it works:

Spend $50 on any Sandy Swim Swimsuit and get a free Sandy Swim Adventure Swimsuit.

That’s it! That’s all you need to do to let the adventure begin with your Sandy Swim free swimsuit this Black Friday

With the money you save on your new year long beach look you can even shout your best beach friends a bikini too!

Check out some of our hottest swimsuits that you won’t want to miss out on for the ultimate soul-loving season.

Save $58 and 1 cent (to be precise) on this epically stunning one piece.  With its orange and black flower design you will be naturally inspired all the way to your most loved tropical destination in the Sandy Swim Sunflower swimsuit.

You are already beautiful and you were made to shine in this exquisite style.

Available in black, blue, white, yellow and red this is a one-piece swimsuit that will make your bar to beach experience a truly expressive adventure. Pair the Luscious with your hottest pair of shorts and free Lexie Sun Glasses for a look that will turn the tides with your best beaches by your side.

You already know how to turn heads, so don’t head anywhere poolside without sporting the Luscious one-piece.

If you love polka dots do not look any further than the Jenny Bikini. Made for the Sandy Swim girl who wears her smile as her trademark once you meet Jenny you will want to introduce her to all your fellow beach babes.

With a cute bikini bottom and top that ties nicely accentuating your everlasting glow you will want to give in to pier pressure and get one for your BFF so you can match it with some black Lexie Sun Glasses too.

Khloe with a K is perfect for the Sandy Swim loving girl who spends her time making waves 365 days of the year. Be fearless in the pursuit of your most loved beach destinations and rock the Sandy Swim Khloe Swimsuit in Grey, White, Pink, Black or Red.

Available in sizes from small to extra large there is no stoping a Khloe girl from getting what she wants. So why stop now? With prices as low as this you could be wearing the Khloe in all the colors while rocking the Lexie Sun Glasses with your BFF (who just happens to be wearing the free Adventure Swimsuit you scored at the Black Friday Sandy Swim sale.)

Chic but cute – the Sandy Swim Tasha swimsuit is perfect for the girl who seeks to sea more. Available in wine, black and green there is no stopping the natural shine of the girl who wears Tasha.  

Designed with your wellbeing in mind, you already look and feel good so why not seas the day with Tasha? For only $14.99 per bikini you could even indulge in all three colors to grab your favorite colored Lexie shades. Spend a few more dollars extra and the Sandy Swim Adventure swimsuit will be all yours too – FOR FREE!

Regardless of your Sandy Swim style with so much to choose from there is something for all you summer loving girls this Black Friday. With your Sandy Swim toes and sun-kissed nose you will be running the beach 365 days of the year.

The Sandy Swim Black Friday starts this Thursday November 22 at 5am till Sunday November 25 at 6pm PST .

The truth is that our prices are always low, but with Sandy Swim prices as low as this - water you doing waiting?

Tell your BFF’s, your favorite cousins, your little sister (because sharing is caring), and indulge them this holiday season with the surf to shore look that will take their breath away, but not their bank balance.

Don’t miss out – start your Sandy Swim Black Friday shopping spree today.

Life’s a beach so why not enjoy the waves?


The Sandy Swim Team



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