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Top Tips to Get Bikini Ready for Spring Break

Top Tips to Get Bikini Ready for Spring Break
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Ok ladies, it is that time of the year. I know how heartbreaking this can be, but the time has come to say goodbye, farewell and see you later to WINTER! Shell Yes! Hopefully you detected my sarcasm because here at Sandy Swim we seriously CANNOT wait for the temperature to heat up.

The fact that you are reading this article simply proves how ready you are to say goodbye to what may have been the coldest month on record in the Northern Hemisphere. For those of you still basking in the sunshine south of the equator, we have thoroughly enjoyed living vicariously through you, but now it’s our turn!

To get into the spirit of spring break we have curated a guide for our entire community of beach loving babes to help you get bikini ready for the warmer days ahead. For the beach girls in the Southern Hemisphere you still have some time to lap up the waves, in our one piece or two piece bathing suits, and will no doubt benefit from this article too.

That’s not all we are offering our fellow Sandy babes, from now till 11:59pm Feb 20th PST you can go into the draw to win our best selling bikini! Aisha comes in blue, black, red, and yellow and can be all yours for FREE. Simply click on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter posts to enter. In the meantime it’s time to get bikini ready for spring break with some Sandy Swim tips and tricks.

Exfoliating is NOT Overrated

Ever wondered why some girls have better skin than others during the winter months? If you suffer from dry and flaky skin throughout the colder weather than you are seriously not alone. This is not a drill! Dry skin is not a myth, it is alive and well, and it shows its ugly head as the wind chill factor sets in. Luckily one of the best ways to combat dryness is to exfoliate. In summer, the sand at the beach can be used to naturally exfoliate our skin but come winter we need to really make a conscience effort to look after our complexion.

With so many exfoliators available on the market babes on a budget do not need to dig into their life savings to save their skin. Simply head to your local drug store to scope out an endless selection of exfoliating products including cleansers, and the must have exfoliator brush.

Better yet, make your own natural exfoliating product from the comfort of your own home like our favourite sugar and coconut scrub:

  • Combine coconut oil and sugar in a bowl.
  • Gently stir till all ingredients are combined.
  • Rub the newly made scrub over your clean face and neck.
  • Gently using circular motions rub into your skin for 60 seconds.
  • Rinse dry with warm water.

Sandy Swim Top Exfoliating Tip: Exfoliate your whole body and rinse off in the shower with warm water followed by a blast of cold water for ultimate circulation and glowing bikini ready skin.

An exfoliating brush is a must have for glowing skin.

Water is Life

Come winter many of us tend to gravitate toward warm teas, coffee, hot chocolate, and other comforting beverages. Sadly, water can often take a backseat during the colder months leaving us dehydrated and feeling lethargic. We have all heard the importance of drinking water so there is no need for us to explain the benefits of H2O but if you are not drinking 3 litres of water a day, there is no time like the present so start now! You will not only feel more energized but also your skin will become clearer, and you will feel less bloated just in time for bikini season.

Sandy Swim H2O Top Tip: Keep a bottle of water near you at all times to get in the habit of drinking water regularly.

Drink water for a summer glow 365 days of the year.

Sweat it Out

If you made a new years resolution to get into better shape this year but have somehow broken that pact with yourself then now is the time to get back on track. We get it, winter can be an uninspiring time to workout but with spring break and summer just around the corner it’s never too late to work on your fitness and bikini body. Find a workout that you love, be realistic about how many workouts you can schedule and go for it! Your future self will thank you, and lets be honest, who doesn’t feel better after a workout?

Sandy Swim Workout Top Tip: If you miss a workout please DO NOT beat yourself up over it. You are only human and you will be back in the gym as soon as possible. You got this.

Find an exercise that you love and you will never workout a day in your life.

We are so excited to be farewelling winter and know that you are too. Please feel free to share this post with your BBFs (Best Beach Friends) and if you have any of your own favourite tricks to help you get bikini ready for spring break let us know via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. We always love to hear from our Sandy Swim community.

Love you to the beach and back again,

The Sandy Swim Team. xx


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