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The Ultimate Bikini Vocabulary Guide

The Ultimate Bikini Vocabulary Guide
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Shopping for a new swimsuit just in time for summer 2019? You may want to brush up on your bikini lingo so that you can master the difference between a thin stringed bikini bottom and a tie side bikini bottom. (Yep! There is a difference). Rest assured it's not like learning a new language but by learning the art of the bikini vocabulary you can make your summer shopping experience easy breezy and fun.

Here at Sandy Swim this years summer swimwear collection is a stunning eclectic mix of colors, styles, and prints to suit every beach babe. So why not make the most of it by diving even deeper to learn the names of each individual style that will help make your summer beach life even better.

Keep reading to master the art of the bikini language just in time for beach season.

Bandeau Bikini

The Bandeau bikini consists of a bikini top with a single wrap of fabric. No underwire, no straps, no zips, no fuss. It's effortless and chic. Think of the Bandeau like a cropped, strapless fitted top that can be easily paired with a pair of shorts for a perfect transition from brunch to beach.

The Bandeau bikini is a wrap of fabric for women who love simplicity.

High Waisted Bikini 

The definition of a high waisted bikini is a bikini that sits on the natural waist, above the hips, and can be high or low leg coverage. High waisted bikinis can be a flattering alternative to a regular bikini because this particular style can elongate the leg while accentuating the waist. If you want to highlight your feminine body shape, this style might just be the one for you.

A high waisted bikini with a high leg is a flattering bikini to accentuate your waist.

Thin Stringed Bottom Bikini

Also known as spaghetti straps, the thin stringed bottom bikini is great for women who like the freedom to adjust their bikini whenever they choose. Its a timeless classic that will last more than one season.

S is for Spaghetti straps:  Effortless and carefree, a spaghetti bottom bikini is timeless in its design.

Tie Side Bikini Bottom

A Tie Side Bikini bottom is different to a thin stringed bikini bottom simply because the straps are not thin, instead, women can adjust their swimsuit bottom with a thick and sturdy piece of material. If you desire a bit more coverage than what a spaghetti strap bikini can offer you, but still want the freedom to adjust your briefs how you choose, this might just be the perfect bikini for you. 

The Sandy Swim Jenny bikini has a cute tie side bottom loved by beach babes worldwide.

Micro Bikini

in 2019 the Micro Bikini is seriously trending which is why we gifted the Sandy Swim Aisha (our best selling micro bikini) to hollywoods biggest stars like Lady Gaga, Nicole Kidman, Brie Larson and Emma Stone for the 2019 Academy Awards. Thats right, even your favourite stars are diving into the Micro Bikini trend this summer. 

Check out the Aisha in yellow, red, black, electric blue for the ultimate Micro Bikini experience.

Sandy Swim Aisha Micro Bikini

The Sandy Swim Aisha: Shop the Micro Bikini to the stars just in time for summer.

Fun Fact: A Micro Bikini can also be called "Cheeky Coverage" because it provides less than moderate bottom coverage. It can be considered a tad daring because of the extra buttocks that tends to get exposed. If you like to be a little risqué but still classy with your bikini choices, then a Micro Bikini might be your favourite swimsuit of the summer.

Hipster Bikini

We have covered High Waisted Bikinis to cheeky coverage Micro Bikinis however, the Hipster Bikini provides a more traditional swimwear look that consists of a bikini bottom that sits at the hips with a wider leg cut. The look can be more sporty in its appearance without appearing masculine. A hipster bikini can be versatile in its coverage and a cute way to make a statement on the beach this summer. Do you agree?

Sandy Swim Energy Bikini

The Sandy Swim Energy bikini is a Hipster Bikini that is stylish and affordable.

High Cut Bikini

A High Cut Bikini is similar to a Micro Bikini but with more overall material. Usually a high cut bikini might contain a fuller top or bottom with a higher cut leg. This bikini is perfect for anyone wanting to look taller by elongating their lower body. A High Cut Bikini can also help you get a better (safe) summer tan from the leg down.

The Sandy Swim Aria bikini is a great example of a high cut bikini that isn't as risqué as a cheeky micro bikini. 

There you go! You are now in the loop with some of the most trendy bikini words of the season, and can now dive confidently in the direction of your next bathing suit or two..or three.

Sea you at the beach,

The Sandy Swim Team. xx


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