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Swimsuit Looks Perfect for Spring Break

Swimsuit Looks Perfect for Spring Break
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For the beach babes in the Northern Hemisphere where many of you might be battling with below freezing temperatures, snow shovelling and some epic winter storms, spring break may seem like light years away. However, rest assured that fun in the sun is just around the corner and will be here before you know it. Shell Yeah!

Here at Sandy Swim we know how easy it is to feel ice-olated during the winter months. This is why to help prevent you from curling up into an igloo we have devised some awesome bathing suit essentials to inspire your spring breakout from winter hibernation.

Never fear because winter is almost over for the year! Keep reading and start getting excited about your cute one piece or two piece swimsuit looks perfect for spring break.

Never Underestimate the Power of a Great Hat

Hats are not just an ideal style accessory they are also a must have fashion piece to prevent sun damage. UV rays are a serious cause of premature ageing and most importantly skin cancer so wearing a hat is an absolute MUST when venturing beach or poolside. No matter what time of year it is, or how hot it is, those UV rays will still burn. In fact, during those overcast days when you feel like the sun has gone to sleep is just the time when UV rays are working hard to break through the clouds and you can suffer serious burns. The great thing is, there are so many different styles of hats to suit all kinds of swimwear looks. From a sporty baseball cap for the athletic beach babe to a feminine straw hat that is sure to turn heads, where hats are concerned there is always something for everyone.

Be Spec-tacular

Just like hats, sunglasses are super important to protect our precious eyes from those killer UV rays. Aside from skin cancer and other serious health issues that can result from sun exposure, sunglasses also protect us from the early signs of ageing i.e. crows feet. Did you know that the skin around our eyes is the most delicate part of our face and should always be treated with care? This is why finding at least one pair of sunglasses that you love that can help protect your eyes is crucial. With so many sunglass styles, colors and designs it may be impossible to stick to just one pair. However, you only live once, right? So why not enjoy it and grab some classic black sunglasses that will go with everything, or some shades with a pop of your favorite color to really bring your beach look to life.

Sunglasses are a quick way to achieve glamour no matter where the tide might take you.

To really feel like a jewel of the ocean why not include a cute ankle bracelet to finish off your look?

Love a Good Cover Up

With so many Sandy Swim bathing suits to choose from you will no doubt be able to find something stylish and economical to suit your beach look goals. Once you have the swimsuit wardrobe sorted, you then need to curate some great cover up options. You might be the kind of beach babe who likes to simply stick to one cover up option and make it your trademark go-to beach look, or perhaps you like a selection. Regardless, it’s important to remember that a truly great cover up not only makes you look and feel great, it will make your transition from brunch to beach quick and effortless.

Some of our favorite beach cover-ups to choose from include:

Denim Shorts: White, black or blue denim is a classic choice - fun, easy to wear and versatile. Denim shorts will take you from a day at the beach to a movie at the mall flawlessly.

Flowing Kaftans: For the easy breezy beach babes who love a soft and flowing ocean look to keep looking fresh from beach to bar the kaftan is perfect for you. Cover-up in a long or short kaftan to suit your individual look of the season, or you might like to opt for a mid length light weight kimono for something a little more laid back.

Girls Just Want to Have Sun and Jewellery

For most girls happiness comes not only in waves but jewellery, right? There is such a variety of affordable costume jewellery available that us beach babes can now sport our two favorite things at once – bikinis and jewellery! Make the most of your beach look by pairing your most loved one piece or two piece bathing suit with a selection of intricate and feminine necklaces, or enjoy some color pop with a statement bangle or two, or even three or more.

Whatever look you go for this spring break, remember to have fun, stay true to your individual style and use your most important beach accessory of all – SPF.

Sea you at the beach.

The Sandy Swim Team. xx




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