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Swimsuit Cover Ups that Won't Break the Bank

Swimsuit Cover Ups that Won't Break the Bank
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If you are feeling the pinch of the purse strings this month and find yourself on a strict budget you are not alone. January can be a tough month for even the savviest of beach babes. With the holiday season now a distant memory, it is not uncommon to have splurged all your hard earned cash on yourself and loved ones during the season of giving.

This is why, with your budget in mind we have devised our favorite Sandy Swim beach cover-ups that won’t break the bank. For all you swimsuit loving girls who are planning to spend time this year by the beach or pool, you may already have these items in your wardrobe but just need a little bit of new year style inspiration to go with your bikini or one piece bathing suit.

Keep reading to discover budget friendly beach cover-ups that will be a shore thing in 2019.

Out With the Old in With the New

Lets be honest, who doesn’t have an old pair of jeans hidden away in the back of their wardrobe that they have more than likely forgotten about?

The New Year is the perfect time to clear your wardrobe and recycle old items of clothing. This means that instead of discarding unwanted items, you can use your creativity to cut those old jeans into cute denim shorts that you can wear for some serious fun in the sun. Have an old t-shirt? Cut or fold the sleaves and tie the shirt at your torso to create a laid-back crop top beach look.

Our Sandy Swim Tip: Pair your old (but new) cut off shorts with the Luscious one piece in yellow for a serious color pop.

The Boyfriend Shirt

Why go to the mall when you can go shopping in your boyfriend’s closet? When it comes to style, nothing says beach chic like an oversized shirt. Belt it, leave a few top buttons undone, roll the sleeves up and you will have beach style simplicity at it’s best.

While our personal favorite is always a white shirt, express your individuality in any color that makes you feel fintastic.

Our Sandy Swim Tip: Sport that white shirt in the Sandy Swim Aisha bikini in black for ultimate chic.

Sarong Styling

If you are a beach devotee and you need a sarong, you probably don’t need to look any further than your own closet. While it can get a little mundane wearing a sarong, the trick is to know how to style it a number of ways.

The versatility of a sarong is endless, from a fashionable headscarf to a halterneck dress, there are countless ways to wear a sarong to suit all your beach needs no matter the sea-sun.

Check out this cool video we found on youtube here to help you pick your most loved sarong look.

Our Sandy Swim Tip: Style your sarong like as a headscarf and wear with the Sandy Swim Bandea Bikini.

Kaftan Queen

Look like a beach boho VIP in an effortless yet elegant Kaftan. When it comes to beachwear there is nothing like a great kaftan to keep you coasting all year long. Go for a shorter kaftan to show off your tan or opt for a longer more classic take on this graceful beach style. With so many kaftan options online and in stores you can find something to suit your beach vibe and budget practically anywhere around the world.

For instance, you can find inexpensive kaftans at H&M for a serious budget friendly look. Why not add to your boho chic style with an equally cool and effortless hairstyle? Check out some of our top Sandy Swim beach hair looks here or pair with a fabulous hat and soak up the sea air in true Sandy Swim style.

Image courtesy of @alixandrakupcik

Our Sandy Swim Tip: Add to the beauty of your Kaftan look with the Sandy Swim Khloe bikini for timeless beach chic.

With so many clothing options available worldwide, online and in your local mall it is easy to lose sight of what you want and splurge on impulse buys. The trick is to go through your own wardrobe first, gather your BBF’s (Best Beach Friends) and maybe even host a lunch where you trade clothing you no longer need or want. You can even give each other style advice for that extra bit of motivation. Hosting a gathering is a great way to not only share beach style tips and gather some new looks, it is also a great way to reconnect with your beach babes who you may not have seen for a while.

Whatever you do, and whatever you buy be sure to always stay true to yourself. Never wear or do anything that doesn’t make you feel your best just because someone else is doing it.

Stay true to you. Always.

Sea you at the beach,

The Sandy Swim Team


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