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Sandy Swim Boxing Day Bonanza

Sandy Swim Boxing Day Bonanza
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Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean the gift of giving has to end. The beauty of the holiday season is that it reminds us of how great it is to share the seasonal spirit with the people we love most.

Aside from the beach season isn’t this just the greatest season? Shell yeah!

At Sandy Swim we know how important it is to keep the festivities alive long after the carols have stopped playing. This is why on Dec 26th we are following a down under Australian tradition and bringing to our Sandy Swim loving babes worldwide the gift of Boxing Day.

If you are Australian you know exactly what we are talking about. For everyone else – hang on tide!

This means that we have some special Sandy Swim sales happening starting December 25th at 3am PST. All the yeeessssss!

Water know what gifts we have in store for you this Boxing Day sale season? Of course you do! You are only human. Keep reading to find out more.

Buy One Get One Free

Sandy Swim Aisha Bikini

Staaahp adjusting your eyes because you shore read that clearly. This Boxing Day if you purchase one, just ONE Sandy Swim bathing suit of any style, size, or color you will get another Sandy Swim one-piece or bikini for FREE.

This means that you and your BBF (Best Beach Friend) can both enjoy a day at the beach in your most loved Sandy Swim swimsuit for the price of one.

It’s seas and greetings long after the Christmas lights have turned off at Sandy Swim thanks to Boxing Day.

Flash Sales

To keep the end of year celebrations rolling in,  Sandy Swim will be offering flash sales during our Boxing Day sales.

At Sandy Swim we believe everyone’s a winner so we want to make sure you all have a chance to lap up any of our Boxing Day flash sales. Be sure to follow us on our social media platforms including the gram and The Scoop so that you don’t miss out on any awesome deals and giveaways.

There is more to life than meets the beach when Boxing Day is just around the corner.

Sandy Swim Boxing Day Best Seller

With so many cute bathing suits to choose from you might want a bit of help from the Sandy Swim team when choosing your Boxing Day swimwear bargains.

This is why we have done the hard work for you so that you can sit back, relax, and soak up the sunshine.

The Khloe Bikini

Sandy Swim Khloe Bikini

Meet Khloe: Designed with minimalism and your best (safe) tan in mind.

With a loose topknot bun and a sandy white smile you will love the Sandy Swim Khloe bikini from the sand to the shore this Boxing Day.

Simple to the beach and back again - Khloe is more than just a cute swimsuit. It’s the perfect bathing suit to ring in the New Year celebrations at your favorite beachside resort. Available in beige, black, white, wine and grey; a girl who loves Khloe can find a color to suit her skin tone no matter where the tide might take her.

Designed with minimalism and your best (safe) tan in mind, you can pair Khloe with your most loved flowing dress. The idea is to feel feminine and as calm as the sea. So put your best foot on the sand and look forward to a new horizon with effortless beauty.

With so many swimsuits in our collection we know you will love Khloe and any other Sandy Swim look. Check out our one-piece and two-piece collections now and start dreaming up you Boxing Day beach bargains.

This time of year should always hold a special place in your heart. Here at Sandy Swim our girl boss team knows that with each New Year comes new challenges but a true Sandy Swim babe knows how to keep swimming no matter how strong the current might be.

The Sandy Swim Boxing Day sale is the perfect opportunity to spoil those you love with something they love. Why not take this opportunity to purchase whole years worth of birthday presents for your best beaches? With the Sandy Swim Boxing Day sale, our prices are lower than ever so why not dive in before the wave crashes?

If you love our styles this might just be the last chance to purchase them as record low prices.

Water you waiting for? Step into the New Year with a sun kissed nose and a Sandy Swim bathing suit.

Don’t let someone else beach you to it and end the season as happy as a clam in your bargain priced Sandy Swim swimwear.

This holiday season stay true to yourself; keep your best friends close and your BBF’s even closer.

Seek to sea more and get shopping now.

Love you to the beach and back again,

The Sandy Swim Team. xx


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