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Pick Your Timeless Bikini With This Trick

Pick Your Timeless Bikini With This Trick
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If you are anything like us every bikini is a MUST HAVE bikini. For the beach girls who take their swimwear fashion seriously there is no limit to the amount of one and two–piece bathing suits you can get your hands on.

From an array of colours to your staple black and white swimsuit pieces, chances are you have a whole draw full of bathing suits that conjure up your most loved summertime memories.

We get it. You like lots of swimsuits. YOU’RE ONLY HUMAN. But, the thing is, if you are a bikini aficionado you know that although it’s fun to have a selection of enviable beach wear, the one important suit all girls must have is (drumroll please) a timeless bikini. A timeless, aka classic bikini is like that one friend who you always go to for advice. She may not be your best friend, and you might not even see her that often. But, she‘s there when you need her the most. She‘s the one girl who you can count on for every occasion. She’s a keeper, she just gets you, and you know how lucky you are to have her.

Every girl needs that one friend, just like every girl needs that one swimsuit.

Sandy Swim has a versatile collection ideal for any beach babe. Keep reading to stay timeless on the beach no matter where the tide might take you.

Meet Khloe

Seamless swim at its finest. The Sandy Swim Khloe is simplicity to the beach and back again. Time and time again you can where Khloe for every beach occasion. Available in six different colours, treat your beach loving self to all of them for the ultimate variety (don’t worry, if you DM us on Instagram @officialsandyswim we can hook you up with a custom made deal). Or pick your most loved color and just flow with it.

Sandy Swim Khloe Bikini is Seamless Swim at it's Finest.

Why You Will Love Khloe

There are many reasons to love Khloe. However, here are our top THREE reasons to LOVE the Sandy Swim Khloe bikini:

COMFORT: This smooth seamless fit never felt so good! Khloe, is that no fuss bikini you will want to wear when comfort and style take equal priority. Furthermore, forget about the constant strap adjustments and unwanted tan lines. Khole, is simply basics made better for beach babes looking for minimal maintenance.

VERSATILITY: I don’t know about you but when I’m headed to the beach, I put as much effort into my beach cover up as I do the swimsuit I wear. Sometimes I might love a particular beach dress but as much as I want to wear it, the dress just won’t work with a particular bathing suit that I’ve picked for the day. Introducing the Sandy Swim Khloe. With Khloe, you will never think twice about wearing any beach cover up EVER. Why? Because with its classic design you can effortlessly pair this must have bikini with any cover up your heart desires. Want to wear a colourful kaftan? No problem! Want to wear your denim shorts and a t-shirt? Perfect! How about a cute beach to bar dress? DONE! Whatever you want to wear you can wear it with Khloe. Trust me.

CUSTOM MADE DEAL: We love the Khloe so much that we want to make sure as many beach babes as possible have the opportunity to purchase it worldwide. This is why we have decided to custom make a deal for our sandy babes wanting to hit the beach this spring break with an amazing bikini. How can you score a deal? That’s breezy. All you have to do is follow us on Instagram @officialsandyswim and DM us saying “Can you hook me up with a Khloe bikini deal?” and a member of the Sandy Swim team will get back to you shortly with your special deal! Viola! You will now have the swimsuit every girl needs.

DM us on Instagram @officialsandyswim for a custom made deal on Khloe.

Here at Sandy Swim we are always open to hooking up our sandy swim community (that’s you!) with awesome swimsuits for great prices. So, no matter what it is you are looking for, if you follow us on Instagram, always feel free to DM us looking for a deal. Everyone loves a great deal and we love taking care of our fellow beach babes.

Spring break is only a tide away and we know many of you will be heading to warmer waters. So why not use this time to stock up on some new beachwear? Tropic like it’s hot this swimwear season and check out the Sandy Swim collection. Looking for a classic one piece? We have just the suit for you. Want to flaunt bright colors? Look no further. If you want it, we have got it.

Love you to the beach and back again,

The Sandy Swim Team.


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