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Meet the Girl Behind the Seas

Meet the Girl Behind the Seas
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Chelsea Smith is the Owner and Executive Director of Sandy SwimChelsea Smith is the Owner and Executive Director of Sandy Swim. Photo by Simon Rochfort

They say it takes a village but in the case of Sandy Swim, all it really takes is a highly motivated, passionate and hardworking girl with a dream, and a love of swimsuits to create a fun loving, economical swimsuit enterprise.

Every day thousands of Sandy Swim babes just like you, browse our colourful online store from around the world to pick the one-piece and two-piece bathing suits that help make your summer days a dream come true. From the bottom of our sandy swim toes, we are all truly grateful to you for bringing fun in the sun vibes to our swimwear fashion store, and while our business would cease to exist without our BBFs (Best Beach Friends AKA – you!), there is one person who keeps all us girls behind the seas thriving by constantly reminding us to enjoy the waves no matter which way the tide turns.

Sandy Swim

Behind the Seas with Chelsea Smith | Owner and Executive Director | Sandy Swim. Photo by Simon Rochfort.

Chelsea Smith is the Owner and Executive Director of Sandy Swim. Born in Canada, she now jet sets between Vancouver, BC and Los Angeles, CA for business and a good dose of Vitamin C. A digital marketing student, Chelsea was looking for an opportunity to gain more experience in her field. Unable to find the right position, she decided to take matters into her own hands, and create her own opportunity. In true Sandy Swim style, she decided to dive right into it and became the owner and executive director of the company. This position not only provided her with the experience she craved, but also the life she dreamed of.

Keep reading to learn more about the girl behind the seas.

Chelsea Smith | Owner and Executive Director of Sandy Swim

"Sandy Swim is about making women feel beautiful, and part of something bigger than themselves." - Chelsea Smith | Owner and Executive Director | Sandy Swim. Photo by Simon Rochfort.

What Makes Sandy Swim Different to Other Swimwear Brands?

Sandy Swim is more than just a swimwear brand; it’s a community of ocean loving girls who not only love the sunshine, the worlds beautiful beaches and a great poolside location, but also know there is more to life than meets the waves. Sandy Swim is about making women feel beautiful, and part of something bigger than themselves. No matter what life has in store for our consumers, we hope that our economical, and stylish one-piece and two-piece swimsuits will bring joy to all women all over the globe.

What are your THREE Favourite Suits and Why? 

  1. Aisha in blue. It is a fun, cute and cheeky bikini. It looks great on every girl and we always get fantastic feedback on girls who purchase the Aisha. It’s also been a hit with influencers too!Sandy Swim Aisha in Blue
  2. Luscious one-piece in all colors. The back detail reminds me of being on a yacht somewhere in the Mediterranean. It’s stylish and classy. I love it! Sandy Swim Luscious One Piece Bathing Suit
  3. Khloe is a simple and classic bikini. It literally is my go-to bikini for any beach or pool party. It fits well, works with any swimsuit cover up, and is simply effortless in its design. It makes me feel beach ready all year round.

What do you Love About Owning a Global Swimwear Company?

Sandy Swim has not only provided me with a dream business opportunity it has also allowed me to meet incredible people who help me learn and grow. Thanks to Sandy Swim I get to work with a dream team of women who not only utilize their expertise for the Sandy Swim effort, but also offer endless friendship and support.

Name Your Dream Beach Destination and Why?

This is a tough question! It is soooo hard to name just one because I want to go to every beach destination. If I had to pick just one, I would probably pick the Bahamas. I am yet to visit this destination, and their beaches look absolutely breathtaking. I think I would be in heaven!

Describe Your Ideal Day at the Beach.

My ideal day at the beach would be a day of doing absolutely nothing. It would just be a day of safely soaking up the sun (always remember your SPF, sunglasses and a hat ladies!). I would turn my phone off, I would listen to some good beats, and work on my tan (safely), while swimming in a killer Sandy Swim bathing suit.

Chelsea Dreams of the Bahamas. What's Your Dream Beach?

How Can Beach Loving Girls get Involved with Sandy Swim?

Sandy Swim prides itself on curating stylish swimwear collections every season that won’t break the bank. As a young businesswoman I truly understand how important personal budgeting is for our worldwide consumers. But, women on a budget should never miss out on the latest fashion trends. This is why Sandy Swim not only offer great prices, sales and giveaways on a weekly basis, we also provide an ambassador program with great perks for women who love swimsuits and want to update their beach look on a regular basis. Anyone can join, we never discriminate and sign up is available on our website here.

Love you to the beach and back again,

Chelsea Smith

Owner and Executive Director

Sandy Swim


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