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How to Take an Instagram Photo Like a Pro

How to Take an Instagram Photo Like a Pro
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With the holidays arriving for another year, the decorations are out and the vacation is booked, so you will undoubtedly be envisioning luscious photographic moments fit for a social media star.

Capturing the perfect Instagram photo has taken on great importance in today’s world.  With one billion people expected to be on social media by the year 2030, our need for connecting to the worldwide globe has never been greater. Here at Sandy Swim we know that there is nothing like savouring your favorite beach moment with a killer photo on the gram for all your best beaches to see #winning! This is why we have created tips and tricks for you to not only seas the moment but snap your waves of happiness like a professional social media influencer.

With your Sandy Swim one-piece or two-piece bikini in one hand and your smartphone in the other, keep reading to learn how to nail your holiday shots like a boss.


Get the Sandy Swim vacation shot to remember

Know Basic Camera 101 Skills

It may seem obvious but holding your camera as flat and as straight as possible when taking a photo at a straight angle will make all the difference when capturing your dose of Vitamin Sea. If you take a photo of a straight object on an angle it can look a little amateur. Think about levels too. If you want to get a shot of you soaking up the sun on the sand why not bring the camera down to your level? Set up a long shot from the sand and not only will your followers see your glowing tan, you will also have a vacation shot to remember.

Photographers also execute the “Rule of Thirds.” If you have the feature on your smartphone or camera, turn on the gridlines, make sure all the crucial parts of your photos are situated on the lines and you could just end up with a killer shot from the gram!

Composition is Everything

The first thing to do before taking your pic is to decide on the structure of the shot. Is it a close up? Landscape? On an angle?. Think about the space around the subject and use the rule of thirds to create a great alignment for your shot. If you do decide to capture your subject a little off centre think about what occupies the space in the rest of the picture. Make sure the empty space has a purpose.

Rock the Sandy Swim Emily Bikini with a purpose


If you are sporting your new favorite Sandy Swim swimsuit and want to make that the focus of the shot, you might want to limit the background space. For example, instead of making the ocean background the focus of your picture, you may want to centre your position so that you mainly see your bikini pose with a touch of the beach as a backdrop. Or, you might want to situate yourself in front of a light wall to really capture your look.


Lighting is everything when it comes to a great photo. Always keep your photos bright. Natural daylight is always the best light. Ever heard of the golden hour? It is that brilliant hour in the late afternoon when the sun is in the process of setting. It’s called the “golden” hour because it truly gives a golden glow to everything it touches. Always remember when taking photos to have the light shining on the object from behind the camera. Never in front – this will cast unwanted shadows. So, when capturing your vacation Instagram worthy shots this holiday season remember that for your followers to sea you clearly, the light has to always be shining on you (inside and out!), and never behind you.


Get that golden glow at golden hour in the Sandy Swim Luscious one-piece

Easy on the Edits

So you now have an amazing gram worthy shot of your holiday vacation, you’ve captured the perfect composition, angle, lighting and background. Now, the last step before you hit post is to edit your photo. The key to editing is to remember to not over edit. If you have executed all the professional steps you already have a great shot so you won’t want to mess it up. The idea is to enhance your shot not take away the magic. Play with brightness, contrast and saturation to achieve your desired look.

A personal editing favorite is Facetune and VSCO. In app Instagram editing tools can tend to have an inauthentic look to them. But, by utilizing a professional editing tool made for Instagram photo’s you will not only have more fun, you can truly bring your vacation to life. Just head to your app store and download VSCO for free or Facetune for a few dollars.

Tips and techniques aside, it’s important to have fun with your Instagram platform. If you are genuinely having fun then those bar to sea vacation shots will take on a life of their own. Be brave, be bold and just be your beautiful self. With a smile and a Sandy Swim swimsuit you will be well on your way to insta fame in no time.

Water you waiting for? Get posting in your hottest Sandy Swim look, and tag @officialsandyswim for the chance to be featured on our Instagram page. With these tips and your own creative flair you are more than photo ready so get gramming!

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See you at the beach (or on the gram),


The Sandy Swim Team xx



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