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How to Pack for the Perfect Beach Picnic

How to Pack for the Perfect Beach Picnic
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As tranquil and picturesque as they may sound, the pressure to organise a comfortable bug and sunburn free picnic can be a challenging task. From friendship to romance nothing says fun in the sun like a memorable picnic by the beach.

Here at Sandy Swim we know how important it is to create beach memories that will last a lifetime, and while you may not want your picnic to be Sandy Swim free you most likely want to make sure that it is indeed sand free! This is why we have created tips and ideas to make your beach picnic the hottest event of the sea-sun.

A picnic on the beach is the best kind of picnic.

Keep it Cool

Ok, so it is no secret that you are not going to be taking a carton of milk to a picnic or anything else that could curdle under the hot sun. But, this doesn’t mean your picnic menu has to strictly consist of only non-perishable items. The key to a great picnic, especially one that is to last a number of hours, is all in the distribution of ice and cold packs in your cooler.

For every layer of food placed in your cooler, include a layer of ice on top. Start by placing ice on the bottom of your cooler and then stack food according to when you will be using it. For instance, keep raw meats (to avoid contamination) and anything meant for your main meal down the bottom, cheeses, salads, and sandwiches in the middle, and dips, and other immediate snacks on the top.

Drinks should always be put in a separate cooler to avoid exposing food items to hot air every time someone reaches for a drink.

Sandy Swim Tip: Freeze drink bottles filled with water before leaving the house, these bottles can not only be used to hydrate everyone throughout the day, they can also be used to help keep food nice and cool.

The Battle of the Sands

No one likes to taste actual sand in his or her sandwich. Thankfully, all you need to do in order to combat those sandy waves is to move your picnic to higher ground by setting up a portable table or turning a cooler into a table top with a cute table cloth.

If a beach blanket is more your scene, opt for a large sized heavy one and keep your food items in the middle with condiments, plates, cutlery and decorative items around the outside. This way you will create a solid barrier to keep out any unwanted grains of sand.

Sandy Swim Tip: Secure each corner of your picnic blanket with something heavy to ensure extra stability.

Feast and Theme

Make your picnic a day to truly remember by implementing a fun theme. From birthdays to boho you can use your chosen theme to inspire the food, decorations and your guests beachwear.

Some ideas we have thought of include:

  • A baby shower theme for a mum to be.
  • A hello summer theme for you and your BBFs (Best Beach Friends).
  • A boho theme that’s styled with pillows for people to sit on instead of towels.
  • A white party theme.

Sandy Swim Tip: Why not create a Sandy Swim themed picnic with your BFFs and sport your favorite Sandy Swim one-piece or two-piece bathing suits?

Create a Smorgasbord of Snacks

You will want to make the most of your beach picnic so why not keep your guests happy in between meals with a constant array of delicious snacks?

Presentation is everything, so grab a few bright coloured platters or cutting boards and decorate with a selection of crackers, fresh fruit, nut mixes, salami, cheeses (that can do well in the sun like semi-firm cheeses), olives, sun-dried tomatoes and break a couple of fresh baguettes in half and viola! You have a snack selection fit for a queen.

Sandy Swim Tip: Pack light and swap cutting boards and platters for rimmed biodegradable baking paper. Not only will it be easier to carry your picnic goods to your destination, you can also easily discard the baking paper and remaining food items in the trash at the end of the day!

Make a Clean Getaway

Sadly all good picnics at the beach must come to an end, and it’s important to only leave behind the footprints you leave in the sand. We all know how garbage like plastic bags, straws and other goods can destroy the ocean which, is why we can not stress enough how important it is to make sure you dispose of these items correctly. Better yet, pack a picnic with biodegradable goods only.

Out with the plastic straws and in with the eco-friendly utensils instead!

Double check you have not left anything lurking in the sand, and if you have anything to rinse off simply head to the ocean and let the salt water do the cleaning.

Sandy Swim Tip: Utilise reusable containers for leftovers – your future self will thank you.

Be sure to only leave behind your footprints.

Last but not least, enjoy your picnic responsibly. Remember that as much as you love the beach, it is easy to get dehydrated when out in the sun all day. Be sure to drink plenty of water, wear a hat, and reapply sunscreen regularly.

Love you to the beach and back again,

The Sandy Swim Team.


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