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How to Keep Your New Years Resolutions

How to Keep Your New Years Resolutions
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How to keep your new year resolutions

Happy New Year Sandy Swim Babes!

It’s a new year and chances are that when the clock struck midnight on January 1st you set some type of goal, resolution or plan for 2019. The thing is, as we move into the year we can sometimes lose sight of the very dreams we so firmly put in place at the beginning of the year.

Is this is the year you decide to get fit, spend less time on social media, quit sugar, make more time for your family, start saving for that dream vacation, or begin studying something new? Whatever your 2019 goal might be it’s important to never give up because that is just the place and time when the tide will turn.

Habits are hard to break but the key to success is coming back from any minor setback stronger than ever, and with more determination to fulfil your 2019 resolutions.

Here at Sandy Swim we understand the challenges that can arise on any given day that might potentially distract us from what we truly set out to achieve. This is why we have decided to share with you some tips on how to stay on track and accomplish your 2019 New Years resolutions.

Never Associate a Negative with a Positive.

A goal is always a positive action and the mistake that so many goal setters make is associating a negative with something positive. For instance, lets just say that your goal for 2019 is to lose weight so you decide that in order to achieve this you need to change the way you eat. In the process of changing your diet you decide that you “can’t eat carbs” or that you “won’t eat ice cream.” Ever wanted something you can’t have? Of course you have! You are only human. The trick is, instead of saying you “can’t” have something, start listing all the wonderful foods you “can” eat to achieve your goal. Once your mind is focused on all the tasty healthy eating options available it will quickly forget all the foods that might get in the way of you achieving your 2019 health goal, unless of course your body is really craving some ice cream. Then, go ahead! Listen to your body and eat the ice cream.

Start Small.

It’s all about baby steps. Is your new years resolution to start saving for a down payment on your first home? Maybe you want to start putting aside money for your dream vacation (we highly recommend a beach destination in one of our one piece or two piece swimsuits), or perhaps you want to start training for a marathon. The thing is it’s important to start small and build up to the end goal. There is no need to rush. Rome was not built in a day and you have one whole year to achieve your 2019 resolution. Besides, rushing anything can just make things feel overwhelming and can contribute to unwanted setbacks. If it’s money you need to save, there is no need to put every cent of your pay-check aside if you have a month full of bills. Instead, see what’s left over at months end and sacrifice a few nights out during a month that requires some serious budgeting.

Take each day as it comes and you will be sure to make waves by the time 2019 is over.

Ask For Support.

No matter what your goal is there is no need to achieve it alone. If it’s a more productive and regular workout schedule you are aiming for then let people know. Perhaps you have a friend or colleague who loves a good workout and is more than happy to hold you accountable for any missed sessions, or even share some new exercises with you. At Sandy Swim we are big on working out, not just for our physical shape but also our mental well-being and overall health. This is why we will often share workout plans, encourage workouts and share our exercise goals.

Support is out there, don’t be afraid to ask. You got this!

Remember That Perfection is Unattainable.

We are all beautifully imperfect and that is what makes each and every single one of us special. The minute we try to be perfect we not only set ourselves up for failure we also put an enormous amount of pressure on ourselves that simply robs us of life’s joyful moments. Be patient with yourself, you do not need to achieve everything at once. Focus on all the “shell yeah” moments and before you know it you will be one giant step closer to fulfilling your 2019 resolutions. If you hit the gym consistently, you wont see results straight away, but you will see results soon.

Persistence not perfection always pays off.

No matter what 2019 throws your way, always remember that the ocean doesn’t stop kissing the shore line no matter how many times it’s sent away. Keep at it and may this be your best year yet.

Sea you at the beach.

The Sandy Swim Team. xx


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