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How to Become a Sandy Swim Ambassador?

How to Become a Sandy Swim Ambassador?
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You love the beach, you love an infinity pool, you love the sand, you love the waves, you love a great swimsuit, and you know your tide so now its time to find your tribe.

Have you thought about becoming a Sandy Swim Ambassador?

That’s right we are looking for beach loving aficionados to showcase the Sandy Swim look. With awesome perks, freebies and a killer girl boss team to work with - you will want to dive right into this opportunity.

At Sandy Swim we are more than just truly awesome one-piece swimsuits and bikinis. We are also about empowering women by encouraging you to be your best self no matter the season. We know the ups and downs that come with life, and we strive to keep our community inspired by conveying a philosophy that keeps you light on your feet and as deep as the ocean.

As an Ambassador it's never about your social media following, it’s not a popularity contest. What we want to see is your ability to ride the wave of life, soak up the sun, and take whatever storm comes your way. From genuine engagement to authentic posts that show you at your best. We are not interested in perfection. We are interested in authenticity. Our aim is to have you inspire others the way you motivate us to keep delivering economical and stylish swimsuits to your door month after month.

We are looking for 10 Sandy Swim social media ambassadors to feature our brand every month on their Instagram and there is no reason why it can’t be you.

Want to know more? Of course you do! Keep reading to learn more about the perks and application process to become the next Sandy Swim Ambassador.

You got this!

Why be a Sandy Swim Ambassador?

With super amazing perks and freebies the question you should be asking yourself is “why NOT be a Sandy Swim Ambassador?”

The perks are endless and as follows:

Free Swimsuits: Yes! That is right! Become a Sandy Swim Ambassador and you can get free Sandy Swim one-pieces and two-piece swimsuits. Shell-yeah!

Personalized Program: Become a Sandy Swim Ambassador and get to choose one of our personalized programs with perks that include free shipping, free swimsuits, up to 75% off and free swimsuits for your followers as well as great discounts too. We will also offer personalized discounts for your family and friends for life! You pick the deal.

Water you waiting for?

How Can You Apply to Become a Sandy Swim Ambassador?

It’s never been easier to become a Sandy Swim Ambassador. Fill out the form here and let us know why you want to be a Sandy Swim Ambassador. Tell us a bit about who you are (your hobbies, passions, work, dreams, favorite beach destination, color etc.) what you believe you can bring to the company as an ambassador and also drop any questions you might want us to answer for you too. We are an open beach and don’t want you feeling tied down with any pressing queries. So let us know if you have any inquiries and we will be sure to answer them as quickly as possible.

What is Expected From You as an Ambassador?

Aside from being your genuine, beach glowing self - as a Sandy Swim Ambassador we require you to do the following:

  • One permanent post that remains on your social media feed about Sandy Swim with you wearing your best Sandy Swim Swimsuit.
  • One multi slide story post with a video shout out and then a following slide that shows your personalized followers code with a swipe up or link in bio if you do not have the swipe up feature.
  • A link to the Sandy Swim swimsuit you are promoting placed in your bio for 24 hours after your first promotion.
  • 2-5 images that are in addition to your originals post/posts that we can share on our two Instagram pages (@officialsandyswim @sandyambassadors) and our Sandy Swim blog.

Here at Sandy Swim, above all else we want you to have fun, enjoy your gig as a Sandy Swim Ambassador, utilize this opportunity to help build your brand equity and following while adding to our girl boss philosophy.

Do you have a favorite look you would like to achieve as an ambassador for Sandy Swim? What would your aesthetic look like from a creative perspective? We would love to know your thoughts. At Sandy Swim we love creative and original ideas and are open to all content suggestions from our ambassadors.

A Sandy Swim girl knows who she is and we encourage all our ambassadors to simply “do you.” There is no right or wrong. So many people today feel the pressures of getting it “right” on social media. Bury that mindset deep into the sand. We want to see who you are; we want our Sandy Swim babes to feel free as a bird. Stay light on your toes and step into the light to create the perfect glow that is unique to you.

With such a huge collection of swimsuits to choose from, there is a Sandy Swim bathing suit for everyone no matter your shape, size, height, ethnicity and taste. Accessorize with a great smile and become a Sandy Swim Ambassador before someone else beaches you to it.

Love you to the beach and back again,

The Sandy Swim Team xx


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