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How the Beach can Improve Your Mental Health

Bell Lets Talk Article About Mental Health
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The more time we spend by the water the more we can benefit emotionally from the oceans natural calming elements.


A cute bathing suit isn’t the only reason to spend more time by the sea, in fact, according to marine biologist, Wallace J. Nichols, the more time we spend by the water the more we can benefit emotionally from the oceans natural calming elements.

This scientific study probably comes as no surprise to our fellow Sandy Swim babes, and on some level, this is probably the reason why we truly feel life is better at the beach. A stylish one-piece and two-piece swimsuit aside, the beach is truly a magical place that can help put our worries at ease during challenging times.

Here at Sandy Swim, we are advocates for mental health and believe in nurturing our state of mind the way we nurture our physical selves. Your life on all levels is most precious, which is why on Bell Lets Talk day we have decided to share the mental health benefits of the place we love the most in the world – the sea.

Stress and Anxiety

Most people, at least at some point in their lives will be confronted with anxiety. Just when you think you are coping well with work, life, relationships, money etc. a wave of panic can hit you out of the blue. When this happens, the natural feeling of calmness that can occur while spending time at the beach can be of great assistance when dealing with any type of anxiety. For this reason, people who are suffering from stress and anxiety can feel more at peace when they are at the beach. Even the scent of sea air has mental health benefits due to the better quality of the air by the ocean compared to busy city areas, and can leave you feeling healthier on all levels.

We all know that when things make you feel good, your overall wellbeing becomes healthier and happier!

The calmness felt at the beach can help alleviate stress and anxiety.


Emotional Wellbeing

When we think about the beach, we usually don’t relate sadness, work, or any unwanted feelings with such a peaceful place. This is why when you visit day spas, take a meditation class or practice yoga, sounds of the ocean can often be heard in the background. Taking part in beach related activities, swimming in the ocean, walking on the sand and letting your toes sink into the earth, or simply taking in the sea breeze with deep breaths can help stabilise your emotions and make you feel happier.

Physical Health

By allocating time to the ocean, you can also improve your physical health by utilizing the beautiful and free opportunities the beach has to offer to help you stay in shape. Surfing, swimming, and a jog on the sand can greatly benefit your fitness levels and physicality. Not only can these activities improve your heart rate, the sea air and salt water can help heal scars, eczema and reduce swelling. Just remember to always wear SPF and take all the necessary precautions to ensure your time at the beach doesn’t result in painful sunburn. Ouch!

Yoga by the beach is a great way to help improve your overall health.


An ocean walk can help you cope with stress and anxiety.


What to do if You Don’t Live Near the Ocean

Just because you don’t live near the ocean doesn’t mean you can’t get into a beach state of mind. Look for videos on YouTube that play sounds of water against a beautiful visual backdrop of various beaches and ocean locations around the world, stock up on candles and natural oils that remind you of summer, the sand, and the salt air. One of our personal favourites is the smell of coconut – whenever the Sandy Swim team smells coconut, it transports us straight to our happy place, i.e. the beach.

What smells remind you of the beach? Find out what they are and have them on stand by whenever you need some TLC.

In the Northern Hemisphere, particularly parts of the USA where a Polar Vortex is about to strike, now more than ever is it important to turn the heat up, listen to the calming sounds of the ocean crashing into the shore, and visualise a vast sandy beach where your winter blues can all wash away.

It is no secret that the beach, and an ocean breeze can help drastically improve our mood, this is probably one of the reasons why so many people flock to beachside locations for a vacation every single year. Here at Sandy Swim we want you to not only look your best while at the beach, but also feel your best 365 days of the year, rain, hail or shine.

It's many healing qualities is possibly one of the reasons why so many of us flock to beachside vacations every year.


If you, or someone you know could really use a friendly ear then let them know that today, and every day someone is always happy to listen. Today on Bell Let’s Talk Day we hope we have helped bring some sunshine into your life.

FYI: For today only, every text message, mobile and long distance call*, Bell Let’s Talk Day video view on social media, tweet using #BellLetsTalk, use of the Bell Let’s Talk Facebook frame or Snapchat filter, Bell will donate 5¢ to Canadian mental health initiatives.

Always remember that you are beautiful and brave because you let yourself feel.

Love you to the beach and back again,

The Sandy Swim Team.


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