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Girl Talks with Shade Souc

Girl Talks with Shade Souc
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Life is an adventure. With every new day comes a new wave of life to ride into the horizon. There are ups and downs, ins and outs, but one thing that makes it all worth our while are the people that shape our lives with their creativity, enthusiasm and spark.

Meet Shade Souc, our resident guest photographer and beach-loving adventurer who also happens to rock a killer Sandy Swim bathing suit! Aside from loving the ocean, Shade who hails from Costa Rica, is a gifted photographer with an epic work ethic. She pours love in all that she does and as a Sandy Swim Ambassador we totally dig her vibe.

“Photography is a way for me to show the world how beautiful it looks through my eyes.” – Shade Souc

We recently sat down with Shade to find out her tips for taking the perfect beach Instagram photo, her most loved travel destination and what it was like growing up in Costa Rica.

Keep reading to find out more about the beach babe that is Shade Souc.

Alixandra: On a scale of one to ten percent how much do you love the beach and why?

Shade: 10,000 percent is how much I LOVE THE BEACH. Growing up in Costa Rica the beach was always a place where loved ones came together to spend quality time with each other. Growing up we would go to the same beach every Sunday and we would run into different friends and spend time together surfing, playing games, jogging, eating, and tanning. Somehow every time I go to the beach I meet someone new and I love that! I also spent countless hours with my closest girlfriends sun tanning and talking about our dreams, crushes, challenges, and other girl talk topics. I think the beach is a place that truly brings people together in a pure way and that’s why I love it. 

"10,000 percent is how much I LOVE THE BEACH" - Shade Souc

Alixandra: You have to drop everything and head to the airport for a surprise week long beach vacation in 30 minutes. What do you pack with such little notice?

Shade: Dresses, bikinis, my Tilley hat, sun glasses, sarongs, Birkenstocks and Vans, toiletries, speakers, notebook, laptop, passport, and sunscreen! READY TO GO! 

Alixandra: If you could spend a summer anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

Shade: Portugal! I really want to learn how to speak Portuguese and I absolutely love Portugal. I am currently learning Portuguese and I think a summer spent in Portugal would be all I need to be 80% fluent! Also Portugal has some of the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen and its affordable.

Alixandra:...and who would you take with you?

Shade: I would take my friend Sarah. Her and I have the best times ever and she is great to travel with. Her and I love to run and Portugal is a runners paradise. It would be amazing. We are also both foodies and there is so much deliciousness to eat in Portugal :)

"My goal is to show people the beauty I see in them and how unique they are."

-Shade Souc

Alixandra: If money were not a question describe your perfect beach vacation.

Shade: I would rent a catamaran with a group of friends and sail the French Polynesian Islands or Caribbean Islands for an entire month! Sailing really brings people together and also allows you to go to the most beautiful hidden beaches. 

Alixandra: Favourite Sandy Swim one piece and why?

Shade: Luscious! I love the back straps and the cut is very flattering. 

The Sandy Swim Luscious swimsuit is Shade's pick for a great one piece bathing suit.

Alixandra: Favourite Sandy Swim bikini and why?

Shade: Aisha Black. It's simple and very functional. It offers a lot of support. 

The Sandy Swim Aisha is Shade's fave bikini. This bikini was also a fave amongst this years celebs who attended the 2019 Academy Awards. - Photo by Shade Souc

Alixandra: You are the Sandy Swim guest photographer what do you love about the art of taking photos?

Shade: I love capturing beauty in all its forms. Photography is a way for me to show the world how beautiful it looks through my eyes. Most of the time, the way people appear to look in your eyes isn’t the way they necessarily see themselves. My goal is to show people the beauty I see in them and how unique they are.

Alixandra: What's your tip for getting a killer Instagram picture during a day at the beach.

Shade: Water shots! I love taking photos in the water because it always looks so beautiful. Pro Tip - shoot with an upwards angle to show lots of blue sky. 

Alixandra: You are heading to the beach for a day. What’s in your beach bag?

Shade: Sarong, Tilley hat, tanning oil, snacks and beverages, notebook, inflatable pillow for napping, a good playlist and some wireless headphones. 

Alixandra: Favourite time of day to shoot photos outdoors?

Shade: 9am, the morning light is soft and warm. 

Alixandra: Your most loved travel destination that you have visited recently is....

Shade: Portugal, I went last summer and completely fell in love, which is why I can not wait to go back!

Alixandra: and why....

Shade: The beaches are incredibly beautiful, the food is good, there is a lot of beautiful hikes, and its cheaper then most neighbouring countries. 

Portugal is Shade's ideal beach destination

Alixandra: Don't be many swimsuits do you own?

Shade: Close to 40! 

Alixandra: Finish this sentence: I love the summertime when...

Shade: friends get together outside to spend quality time and soak up the good weather. 

Alixandra: If you could have one super power what would it be?

Shade: Teleportation

Alixandra: What inspires you?

Shade: Strong independent women, Entrepreneurs, Innovation, and art.

Alixandra: What upsets you?

Shade: Negativity, violence, discrimination, and laziness. 

Alixandra: Who is the last person that sent you a text?

Shade: My friend Kelsey! 

Alixandra: Last but not least. What Sandy Swim bikini will you be getting next?

Shade: Kate swimsuit in literally every color!

Shade CAN NOT wait to get Kate in every color.

You can follow all of Shade's adventures on Instagram here where you can also find her special Sandy Swim discount code for all her Instagram followers to shop the Sandy Swim collection for 40% OFF.

Sea you at the beach,

The Sandy Swim Team.


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