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Girl Talks with Sandy Swim Ambassador Stella Niicole

Girl Talks with Sandy Swim Ambassador Stella Niicole
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The Sandy Swim Ambassador program travels far and wide to find beach loving women who not only love a cute micro bikini or high waisted swimsuit but also believe in empowering other women with their love for the ocean, and the ability to dive deep into whatever sets their soul on fire.

Meet Stella Niicole, a Sandy Swim Ambassador who fuels her life by pursuing what she loves. Stella, has a natural comedic talent and produces her own comedy videos, she is the Stella to her Paul and makes up half of the Paul and Stella comedy duo. However, when she isn't on stage or behind the camera making people laugh, you can find her exploring the world, relaxing on an exotic beach (in her Sandy Swim bikini) and simply letting herself enjoy natures greatest gift - the ocean.

Stella Niicole will not only make you laugh, she will also inspire you to live your best life simply by living a life she loves. Keep reading to find out about this funny girls favorite bikini, greatest beach memory, most loved travel destination and more.

Sandy Swim: What do you love most about your Sandy Swim Khloe Bikini?

Stella: The way it fits my body! It hugs my body in all the right places and doesn’t make my love handles lose control. A lot of bikini companies make their bikini bottoms hug so tightly that it accentuates my muffin top and we can’t have that haha!

Stella loves her Sandy Swim Khloe bikini because it fits in all the right places. Image courtesy of Stella.

Sandy Swim: You are headed to a remote Island for two weeks and you can only take 3 things with you. What do you take and why?

Stella: A hat and sunscreen is mandatory when going to a remote island because I tend to stay in the water for a long time. These are the first things I would bring because I am all about protecting your skin from the sun. I suffer from melasma which is hyper-pigmentation that can cover my entire face and can flare up very easily if I am not careful when I am in the sun. I also would bring my boyfriend! Its nice to be able to share and create memories with someone you love.

Sunscreen is a MUST for Stella.

Sandy Swim: 5 reasons why you love the beach?

Stella: 1 - The sound of the waves crashing is something I could never get tired of. The water's rhythmic hum is enough to relax my mind from any stress I may have going on in my life. It’s as if any problem I have in my life doesn’t matter and it helps me live in the moment.
2 - Being able to swim in the ocean! I am from Toronto, Canada and we don’t have oceans here. I tend to spend most of my time in the ocean since all we have here are lakes. It's nice to be able to kick your legs back and just sort of bob around with the waves.
3 - The beach smell! The smell of the ocean combined with sunscreen is just heavenly. I wish I could put that smell in a bottle and take it with me where ever I go.
4 - Admiring the incredible marine wildlife. While in the Philippines I was able to do a ton of snorkelling and the one memory that really stuck with me was when I spotted 3 sea turtles at the bottom of the ocean. While observing them from a far they decided to come up for air right where I was swimming. They swam right in front of me, an arms length away. It was as if I was watching the discovery channel live! It was probably the craziest experience I have ever had in my life and I will treasure it forever.
5 - Going for long walks on the beach. How cliche huh? Being able to take a long walk, have the sand between my toes, and soaking up the scenery is just priceless.

Stella loves the beach for many reasons. Image courtesy of Stella.

Sandy Swim: Finish this sentence. Summer is the best time of the year…

Stella: ...because the sun shines longer than any other time of the year, meaning that we have longer days to live life to the fullest.

Sandy Swim: It's vacation time and you can take your BBFs (Best Beach Friends) to your fave beach destination. Where do you go and why?

Stella: This one is hard but I would say anywhere in the Philippines. I have never in my life seen water so turquoise and sand so white! Some of my favourite islands are Boracay, Black Island and El Nindo!

If Stella could take her BBF's anywhere it would be the Philippines.

Sandy Swim: Before heading to the beach what are the essentials you make sure to pack in your beach bag?

Stella: As I mentioned previously, skin protection is huge for me. I would pack sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, lip chap (with SPF), beach towels, and snacks ( I am always hungry).

Sandy Swim: You are going straight from the beach to dinner with friends. How do you transition from beach to bar?

Stella: When I’m on vacation I really don’t care what I look like. I usually put a lot less effort into my hair and makeup because most of the time it's so hot where I am that nothing really cooperates. I usually just spray dry shampoo if my hair isn’t to greasy and it isn't wet from the ocean (which is rare). If I do get it wet then I just wash my hair and let it air dry. For makeup I usually apply a tinted moisturizer with a tinted lip chap! The simpler the better on vacation. The best part about being on vacation is just letting go from your daily routine. Since I am constantly in front of the camera filming my comedy sketches it requires me to always be in hair and makeup. I like letting my skin breathe for a few weeks, its actually so nice to not have anything on my face. I also want to spend time enjoying my vacation, not spend it in a hotel room getting ready haha!

Stella keeps her vacation look minimal so she can have more time enjoying her holiday and less time getting ready in her hotel room. Image courtesy of Stella.

Sandy Swim: What inspired you to become a Sandy Swim Ambassador?

Stella: I straight up went to their Instagram page, liked what I saw and applied! The women behind the brand are really amazing as well. They are very accommodating and saved my butt when it came to sending me bikinis last minute just in time for my trip to the Philippines!

Sandy Swim: Share your most loved beach memory with us.

Stella: I would have to say the best memories I have at the beach are here in the Philippines. I came here with my boyfriend and being able to see different islands every day on different tours has been an amazing experience. We have seen so many beautiful islands that all offered different things. I saw sea turtles in front of my eyes, dove into caves to find a secret beach and had a whole private island to ourselves.

Stella's best beach memories were made in the Philippines. Image courtesy of Stella.

Sandy Swim: So you are currently in the Philippines and it does sound incredible! Is this a must see travel destination and why?

Stella: The Philippines will never fail to amaze you. The stunning sights above and under the sea, the culture, the hospitality, the food, and of course, the friendly people willing to welcome visitors wherever and whenever. If you decide to go there make sure you travel to a different island every three days to really see what the Philippines has to offer.

The Philippines will never fail to amaze Stella. Image courtesy of Stella.

If you want to become a Sandy Swim ambassador just like Stella Niicole you can apply here and start earning swimsuit rewards towards your next bikini.

Sea you at the beach,

The Sandy Swim Team. xx



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