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Girl Talks with Sandy Swim Ambassador Lindsi Sanor

Girl Talks with Sandy Swim Ambassador Lindsi Sanor
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Sandy Swim Ambassador Lindsi Sanor is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist who empowers people to look and feel their best no matter where the tide might take them. Her philosophy aims to enrich individuals not just physically but also mentally. Lindsi believes that mindset is everything and if you are ready to discover and commit to your full potential there are no limits to what you can achieve.

Here at Sandy Swim we believe that when you look good you feel good. Lindsi calls it the “ripple effect” because the stronger you are physically the stronger you will become mentally. With bikini season well and truly here (any season is bikini season, right?) it’s only natural to be working toward your best self so you can rock a killer one-piece swimsuit or micro bikini like the bossbabe that you are.

Lindsi Sanor Fitness

Lindsi Sanor reminds everyone that bettering oneself is not just about physical transformation, but rather implementing a holistic process to help optimize your body and your mind simultaneously. This is why she curates a program that focuses on your individual needs.

A workout plan with Lindsi includes:

  • Analysing Your Goals: This is where you will discuss your goals and when you would like to achieve them.
  • Developing a Game Plan: As the saying goes, “a goal without a plan is just a wish.” Once you have all your goals cemented, Lindsi will then look at your past workout experience and eating habits to build a strategy that suits your schedule and your needs.
  • Commencing training: Training will begin with ease so that you can learn to perfect your form for every exercise. No muscles will be strained in the making of this transformation! Once you become familiar with your routine Lindsi will conduct regular updates to make sure you stay on track with your goals. Go Lindsi!
  • Optimizing your workouts: There is always room for improvement which is why every week or month, Lindsi will help optimize your workouts and diet so that necessary adjustments can be made. Not only will this bring you a step closer to your end goal, but it will also help challenge you so that you remain focused and committed to your journey.

We recently sat down with Lindsi to discuss what inspires her to live her best life while staying true to her passion of helping others unleash their full potential. You all deserve to stand confidently in your own power and by constructing a healthier life, Lindsi wants to see you go out and dive right into a life you love.

Lindsi Sanor

Alixandra: What traits do you admire most in women?

Lindsi: I admire any woman who can support other strong women, even those with a different and opposing opinion. I also admire any woman with the confidence to take on the world with a happy heart. Life can be challenging but if we stay true to ourselves and go forward with an open heart, the journey can be a beautiful and rewarding process.

Alixandra: Who are some strong, fearless female leaders, past or present, that you look up to and why? What makes these women a good influence?

Lindsi: I will always admire Princess Diana for her strength, and for her strong sense of self. No one could distract her from what she truly believed in and what she was passionate about. She was a devoted mother to her two sons and a compassionate woman who broke traditions to live a charitable life that she loved.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana's strength inspires Lindsi.

Alixandra: You're the DJ! Pick a song by a female artist to describe the soundtrack of your life.

Lindsi: Madonna- Express Yourself!

Alixandra: Share a book written by a female author or featuring a strong female character that you think all women should read and tell us why.

Lindsi: Janet Evanovich wrote a fantastic series based on a character, Stephanie, who is cooky and smart, and gets into as much trouble as she gets out of. It’s a fun and brilliant read! It’s a perfect beach read for the summer!

Lindsi Sanor

Alixandra: What piece of advice regarding body image would you like to share with other women?

Lindsi: “Body image”...if we could all please stop criticizing ourselves. Period. Instead, it’s important to recognize all the amazing things our bodies are capable of and focus on how we FEEL. This way we can truly listen to our bodies and learn what is best for our physical and mental health. Taking care of the way we feel will directly relate to what we think.. This is what matters. It should never be about “image.”

Alixandra: Finish the sentence: The world would be a better place if women…

Lindsi: …recognized the power of actually connecting with other women instead of competing. We are all equal. Women who stand together are grounded in their power and that’s when the magic happens.

Want to learn more about Lindsi Sanor Fitness? Follow her on Instagram or get in touch with her directly here.

Stand confidently in your own power.

Love you to the beach and back again,

The Sandy Swim Team. xx


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