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Girl Talks with Sandy Swim Ambassador Aisha Macdonald

Girl Talks with Sandy Swim Ambassador Aisha Macdonald
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Here at Sandy Swim we dig goals. Having a goal and a passion driving us toward the finish line helps make life even more spectacular. Lets face it, the more we achieve what we put our mind to the more we can enjoy those relaxing days, unwinding by the beach or pool side with a cocktail in hand. (We are only human).

Meet Sandy Swim Ambassador Aisha Macdonald, if anyone deserves a beverage by the beach, it’s this sensational woman! Born and raised in Vancouver, Aisha is a singing, weightlifting, and internationally qualified IFBB Bikini Pro. Recently, we sat down with Aisha for some one on one girl time to learn more about her fitness journey, her dream beach vacation, and her thoughts on having her namesake Sandy Swim bikini the Aisha (yes we named our hottest swimsuit after her!) gifted to Hollywood’s biggest celebs for the 2019 Academy Awards.

Keep reading to learn more about the fabulous Aisha Macdonald.

Alixandra: The Aisha bikini is named after you! How does Sandy Swim's best-selling bikini personify the real life Aisha?

Aisha: Yes! I love it! The Aisha bikini is classy, bold, sexy, and it makes a STATEMENT! I think those qualities definitely personify the real life me!

Alixandra: How does it feel to know that celebs like Emma Stone and Lady Gaga now own THE Aisha Bikini?

Aisha: It feels awesome! These celebs are such strong, empowered women, excellent role models, artistic and creative.

Aisha would take her red "Aisha" Sandy Swim bikini to a fitness retreat by the beach.

Alixandra: You are headed to a fitness retreat by the beach for two weeks and you can only take five things. What do you take and why?

Aisha: I’d take my red Aisha bikini from Sandy Swim, my Anastasia eyebrow pencil, sunglasses, a surfboard and some sunscreen simply because the Aisha bikini is so versatile, I can wear it for beach workouts AND in the water, the eyebrow pencil because eyebrows are the framework of your face so as long as they’re on fleek, I don’t really need any other makeup; the sunnies because squinting in the sun is not cute (and uncomfortable); a surfboard because it’s not a beach vacation without catching some waves; and the sunscreen because getting sun damage isn’t cute either! I’m guessing my friends and all the fitness equipment and food are already there, so as long as that’s the case, I’m good with these five!

Alixandra: Five reasons why you love the beach?


1) SURFING! Catching waves is so much fun and great exercise too!

2) It’s peaceful. The sound of the waves, the fresh ocean breeze, the heat of the sun- such a trifecta of peacefulness and good vibes! I can’t get enough!

3) The sunsets. There’s nothing like spending a whole day at the beach and staying long enough to watch the sun go down from your beach blanket. That orange glow is so energizing.

4) The snacks! Beach snacks are always tastier for some reason. Eating at the beach is just better.

5) Catching rays. Who doesn’t love having a nice, healthy glow? Plus soaking up the sun is just plain good for the soul.

Alixandra: Finish this sentence. If I could visit any beach destination it would be...

Aisha: Bali.

If Aisha could visit any beach destination it would be Bali

Alixandra: You are an accomplished competitive bikini fitness athlete. How do you stay motivated?

Aisha: When I’m in “offseason”, I’m motivated by how I like to feel in my own skin (confident!) and by the opportunities I am creating for myself by staying in shape (building my personal brand, fitness modelling, etc.). When I’m training for a show, it’s purely my drive to be my physical best and my desire to win that keep me motivated.

Aisha's desire to win keeps her motivated.

Alixandra: It's vacation time and blue skies are the limit! You can take anyone you love anywhere. Who do you take, where do you go and why?

Aisha: I’m taking my sister with me for this one. She and I have been through a lot together and she’d agree when I say that we’re long overdue for some chill sister time just reconnecting and relaxing. I think we’d both be pretty stoked to go to Italy or Greece because the food, culture, architecture, fashion and beaches there are all SO awesome and we’d just have a blast exploring it all!

Aisha would be "stoked" to go to Italy for the food, culture, architecture, fashion and beaches. 

Alixandra: Dogs or Cats?

Aisha: Oh man! This one’s so tough! I love them BOTH so much! I’ll say cats though because I’m an animal rescue advocate and I think that cats still very much get treated as more disposable than dogs. From what I see, the evidence suggests that they are still quite misunderstood in a lot of places, so I have a bit more of a soft spot for them because they really are great little creatures with just as big personalities and hearts and loyalty as dogs. Sadly though, lots of people don’t seem to realize or appreciate that.

Alixandra: What's always in Aisha's beach bag?

Aisha: Lip gloss, sunglasses, my WATER jug, flip flops, a towel, a beach cover up (sun dress), sunscreen, my phone, a portable speaker, snacks (or at the VERY least, money to buy snacks!)… I think that’s it!

Alixandra: Describe your ideal day at the beach.

Aisha: Not too many people, a sandy beach break (for surfing), good clean waves, not too much wind, full sun (no clouds!). Show up around 11am, there’s lots of parking, lots of room to spread out the beach blankets and towels, spend the whole day swimming, surfing, laying on the beach, snacking, hanging with my friends, listening to music or playing music (someone ALWAYS brings a guitar to the beach and I’m about that!), ideally have a beach BBQ and watch the sunset and then go home.

Alixandra: Aside from the Aisha bikini you own a number of Sandy Swim bathing suits. What’s your fave and why?

Aisha: The Aisha’s my favourite for sure (I have it in 3 colours). But I like the Carly one too. It’s simple, comfortable, and the style and fit are great too.

Alixandra: What's a summer memory you will never forget?

Aisha: Surfing in Tofino at North Chesterman’s in July a few years back. The water was so clear you could see to the sandy bottom of the sea, the swell was perfect, and it was so hot that day that I didn’t need my wetsuit’s gloves or boots. There was a big group of us and we had an epic post-surf beach party and watched the sunset in our bikinis. It was a pretty magical day.

Alixandra: How do you plan to spend summer 2019?

Aisha: At the lake and the beach- all summer, on repeat!

Alixandra: Share a quote you love

Aisha: “You can have excuses or you can have results, but you can’t have both.”

Alixandra: Last but not least - your number one fitness tip to get bikini ready for summer?

Aisha: Stay in your calorie lane! You can’t out-exercise a bad diet, so if you wanna shred for summer, you’re gonna have to count those calories!

"..if you want to shred for summer you're gonna have to count those calories!"

To learn more about Aisha and her adventures check out her website here and follow her on Instagram to be eligible for her exclusive Sandy Swim discount code.

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Water you waiting for?

Sea you at the beach,

The Sandy Swim Team. xx


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