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Beverly Hills 90210 is Getting a Reboot and Here’s Why We Love IT!

Beverly Hills 90210 is Getting a Reboot and Here’s Why We Love IT!
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Did you hear the news!? Your FAVE Beverly Hills 90210 gang is BACK. That’s right one of the classic TV shows of the 90s is getting a reboot with its original cast members! Shell Yeah!

Will Brandon and Kelly be together again with their own kids now attending Beverly Hills High? What about Donna? Is she still an innocent Los Angelino with love in her heart and big dreams in her eyes?

Jason Priestley, Brian Austin Green, Jennie Garth, Tori Spelling, Ian Ziering, and Gabrielle Carteris have all signed on to star in a 6-episode series that will hit our TV screens this summer and be titled none other then “90210”. Although Shannen Doherty has not signed on sources say that the door is still open.* 

Many of us watched the iconic cast grow up together so we are SUPER excited to see the friends and frenemies reunite. Who knows, maybe we will even see Kelly Taylor sporting a Sandy Swim bathing suit on Santa Monica Beach. One thing’s for sure our one piece and two-piece swimsuits would sure fit in well with this epic girl gang. How amazing would the Jenny bikini look like on Donna?

The Sandy Swim Jenny Bikini is SO Donna Martin.

Keep reading to learn why we are OBSESSED with the Fox reboot of 90210.


A 90210 reunion is seriously all our flashback Fridays and throwback Thursdays in one. The series, which ran the entire decade of the 90s, left a HUGE stamp on pop culture and influenced an entire generation. Together we watched the friendships of the Beverly Hills gang evolve from high school to college graduation and beyond. We all know friendships are sacred and many of us lived vicariously through the lives of Brenda and Brandon Walsh who became household names for the duration of our adolescents.


Siblings Brenda and Brandon Walsh became household names.


Did you know that 90210 was the first show EVER to popularize the teen soap genre? That’s right! All your fave teen dramas that came after 90210 like Melrose Place, The OC, Party of Five, Dawson’s Creek, Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls, Glee, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and basically any show you watched in your teens was all because Beverly Hills 90210 paved the way. Thank you 90210!


Fans of the teen soap opera would be hard pressed to forget the Peach Pit. The retro-style diner was a local hangout for the 90210 gang where Brandon Walsh even managed to make his after school job as a waiter at The Peach Pit enviable for all teens everywhere. After all, who wouldn’t want a side job where you get paid to hang out with your friends? Eventually, after the Peach Pit falls on hard times, Dylan saves the day by becoming a part owner and eventually invests in the expansion of the Pit by opening a night club “Peach Pit After Dark”

Fun Fact: The original Peach Pit was never in Beverly Hills, instead it was located at 45 S. Fair Oaks in Pasadena, CA.


Brenda (played by Shannon Doherty) and Kelly (Jennie Garth) were oceans away from the Hollywood worshipping of perfection that we see in todays pop culture. Although, they may have been above average Californian girls their wardrobes reflected that of teenage girls at the time (notably jeans and a t-shirt), their makeup was minimal and like many girls going through adolescents they struggled with things like body image, school and female development. They were human and we LOVE that!

Jeans and T-Shirts were a 90210 fashion staple. 


It was every girls dream to live like Kelly Taylor and Donna Martin. Particularly when they became roommates in college and lived together in their iconic beach house that was fictitiously located on Venice Beach, CA (the real house was actually a few miles down the street at Hermosa Beach, CA). Home to many parties, and heartbreaks, the girls also shared the beach pad with Kelly’s stepbrother David Silver, who would eventually become Donna’s long-term boyfriend. The beach house gave viewers a taste of what beach life in California would be like. As far as we are concerned the only thing missing were some seriously awesome Sandy Swim bathing suits, don’t you think?

Kelly and Donna's college beach house gave us a taste of California.

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Sea you at the beach,

The Sandy Swim Team.

*Sadly, at the time of writing this Luke Perry never recovered from his stroke. RIP Luke, your 90210 gang and fans will never forget you. xxx 


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