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Beach Essentials with LA Influencer Heidi Nicolle aka @Heidiisms

Beach Essentials with LA Influencer Heidi Nicolle aka @Heidiisms
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Welcome to the World of Heidiisms


Image Credit @Heidiisms

“I love building communities, organizations and working with non-profits. I am clumsy, a giant kid at heart and a wild free spirit.” 

- Heidi Nicole, Heidiisms.

We all have our own character traits that set us apart from the rest. It’s what makes us unique and fabulous, and in a world where the daily grind can often leave us downright exhausted, it’s our little quirks that keep us light on our feet and happy in our hearts.

Meet Heidi the Los Angeles creator and voice behind Heidiisms “a world where laughter & love run deep and where you are encouraged to be you!!” Shell Yeah! We dig that. Through her love of writing, photography, painting and simply bringing things to life Heidi is an advocate for the #isms in all of us. From singing Disney songs in the shower, to launching companies and finding the coolest events to promote the beauty of all our #isms Heidi believes in a world that has no boundaries, no room for hate and encourages everyone to simply let their true selves shine.

We sat down with Heidi to talk about her fave Sandy Swim bikinis, her love of life, fashion and of course the beach.


Image Credit @Heidiisms

“Everyone has a unique set of #isms that makes up who they are.”
- Heidi Nicole, Heidiisms


Keep reading and remember to always #believeinyourisms!

Sandy Swim: You have been sporting the Sandy Swim Energy Bikini and the Aisha Bikini that was also gifted to Hollywoods biggest celebs like Nicole Kidman and Lady Gaga! What do you love most about your new 'Kinis?

Heidi: I love Sandy Swim’s bold colors & flirty designs. These two suits fit both my Gemini personalities. The Energy definitely relates to my sporty, trendy, and active side. It’s the perfect suit with fuller ‘kini coverage BUT when the flirty side of my gemini personality comes out so does the Aisha. This sexy bombshell is fully lined and gives amazing cleavage. Hello, ladies & cue Ariana Grande music! Where the Aisha adds in push up on the top, it definitely takes from the bottom, with a very sexy minimal coverage. Perfect for those romantic travel trips with your babe! Hint, Hint...Bora Bora Please!

Heidiisms in the Sandy Swim Energy Bikini

Image Credit @Heidiisms

S.S: What's your dream summer vacay destination and why?

Heidi: Antarctica? It’s been a dream of mine to visit a winter destination in the midst of summer with fur boots and bikinis of course!! But in all reality, Cabo & Palm Springs are my go to favorite escapes from LA! They both bring all the summer feels without crazy travel & jet lag ✈

S.S: You are headed for a day at your fave beach. What are the beach bag essentials you can't leave home without?

Heidi: You mean beach suitcase haha...jk...kinda. My favorite go to, can’t live without beach travel essentials are my Alka Glam Hydrogen Vitamin Sea Facial Mist, ColoreScience Sunforgettable 50+ Brush on powder sunscreen for my face and hair part line, My Diff oversized black sunnies, Little Moon Love Magnet Lip Balm, tons of fresh precut fruit, Dirty Lemon water, my camera, a flat bed sheet with a king pillow, a few towels & of course my Sandy Swim suit!!

Image Credit @Heidiisms

S.S: When it comes to beach cover-ups are you more of a Kaftan girl or a Denim shorts and a crop top girl?

Heidi: It really depends on my mood. I love to switch up my style and match the vibe of the beach day!!

S.S: Describe your ideal day at the beach.

Heidi: My ideal day at the beach is a simple ocean suspended cottage, complete with water slide, and glass floor in the Maldives. Haha, no that’s my dream honeymoon or proposal location. I really just love the depth I feel when standing next to such a powerful force as the ocean. Any day I can breathe this in is the perfect beach day for me.

The Maldives is Heidi's dream Honeymoon or proposal location.

Thank you so much for sharing my beach “isms” AND remember to always believe in YOU in everything YOU do!!


Heidiisms xx

How cute does Heidi look in her Sandy Swim bikinis? Want to grab the look? Check out the Sandy Swim collection here, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to never miss a Sandy deal!

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Don’t forget to embrace your #isms and follow Heidi on Instagram too!

Love you to the beach and back again,

The Sandy Swim Team xx


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