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8 Bikini Waxes To Get You Ready For Summer

8 Bikini Waxes To Get You Ready For Summer
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The weather is heating up and it's time to dive head first into summer. We often read about how to get bikini ready bodies, how to get a great spray tan, but how about finding the right bikini wax that's not only perfect for your micro bikini but also suits your personal preference and pain threshold (yes, there is no escaping the "ouch" that comes with the territory - sorry ladies!).

We want you to feel confident and fabulous this beach season in your Sandy Swim bikini or one piece swimsuit so we put together a list of 8 bikini waxes to guide you through the different styles you can get to help you pick what is best for you.

Confused about the difference between a mini Brazilian and a Butt Strip? (yep that's a thing!) Keep reading to decide on the right bikini hair removal style for you.

1. The Classic Bikini Wax

If you are new to waxing you might want to start with the classic bikini wax. This is because this regular bikini wax removes hair that is only visible around the bikini line - no more and no less. This is a great style to opt for all year long so that when summer comes you can turn the remaining hair into a landing strip, or other bikini wax styles to suit whatever swimsuit style you choose.

The Classic Bikini Wax might be all you need when wearing a cute high waisted bikini.

2. Full Brazilian Wax

The full Brazilian will not only leave you hairless at the front but also the back. It might not be the most comfortable bikini wax style you can experience, and is certainly not for the shy beach babe, it is however the perfect way to make sure you are completely hair free to flaunt the most skimpy bikini on the beach this summer.

Hair today and gone tomorrow.

3. Mini Brazilian Wax

If you long to be completely hair free but are not sure you can brave a full Brazilian just yet, than try the mini Brazilian. This involves removing all the hair from the front while still keeping the hair at the back. All you need to do is lay on your back with your legs bent, feet together and voila! With some focused breathing it will be over before you know it and you will be ready to lay poolside all summer long.

4. Brazilian Plus Wax

Have a bit of a snail trail on your stomach heading south? The Brazilian Plus will take care of this for you. When asking for a Mini or Full Brazilian ask if you can add on the Brazilian Plus and start wearing those midriff tops minus the unwanted stomach hair.

With a Brazilian Plus Wax your tummy can be hair free too!

5. Brazilian South Wax

If you are going to all the trouble getting any kind of Brazilian, you might want to ask for a Brazilian South too. What's a Brazilian South you ask? It's where you ditch shaving your legs and instead opt for a wax so that summer isn't a made rush of risking those annoying razor cuts. Ouch!

Want nice smooth legs? Opt for a Brazilian South Wax.

6. Butt Strip Wax

This should be pretty straight forward as the name pretty much gives it away. That's right! a Butt Strip is exactly that - a strip of unwanted hair removed from your butt crack. Boom!

Bottoms up! Get rid of that cheeky butt hair too.

7. Full Buttocks Wax

Hair grows in some of the most bizarre places and the beauty of a wax is that you can remove it whenever you like. If you have some cheeky (see what I did there?) unwanted hair, don't be afraid to be rid of it. After all, that's what a Full Buttocks Wax is for!

8. Brazilian Total Body Wax

While it is well known that men can have hair all over their body, it is really mentioned that women can too. If you are a woman with unwanted hair residing on parts of your body that does not include your legs, butt, private parts etc, you can proudly opt for a Brazilian Total Body Wax to eliminate any hair up to your neck where you simply don't want it. 

Although shaving might be the quickest, easiest and most pain free option to get bikini ready, it’s not exactly ideal given those little razor cuts that can occur, and when you wake up with next day stubble it’s not exactly smooth sailing - right?

Bikini waxing can be incredibly overwhelming, particularly if you are new to the experience and still trying to figure out what waxing style is best for you. We hope this guide gives you a little bit of knowledge, but we also encourage you to always ask your waxing salon as many questions as needed to you feel comfortable with your style choice.

Life can be hard, but your bikini wax doesn’t have to be. Don’t let the thought of waxing freak you out. You got this!

Have an amazing hair free summer!

Sea you at the beach,

The Sandy Swim Team. xx


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